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F.B.I.-10 Most Wanted
U.S. Marshals-Most Wanted
P.S.P.- 10 Most Wanted
World's Most Wanted
America's Most Wanted
Postal Inspection Service
Local Law Enforcement
Police Officer Internet
Law Enforcement Online
Police Guide
Yahoo Police Websites
Scotland Yard
Criminology and Criminal Justice
La CoSa Nostra
Crime Magazine
Police Scanner
Police Careers

Local Links

Local Landmarks
Cocalico School District
Lancaster County
PA. Visnet
National Center for Missing Kids

Legal Links

Lancaster County Court
PA Superior Court
US Supreme Court
Internet Law Crawler
Crim es Code {title 18}
Vehi cle Code
{title 75}

P A Statutes
U.S. Law Library
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The Home Pages Of ECTPD

Hello and welcome to the home pages of the East Cocalico Township Police Deparment please feel free to explore our site and stop back from time to time to find new items and links. Currently, all items marked "Reserved" are dead links however we will be adding a lot more as time permits.

Department News

  • Current events and news within the department

Police Log 1999
Police Log 2000 and beyond

  • Recent arrest & incidents of interest

Cop Cards

  • See the electronic version of the Department Cop Cards

Bike program

  • East Cocalico's Community Bicycle Patrol Unit

History of the Department

  • History of the East Cocalico Police from it's beginning to the present.

Community Information

  • Curfew
  • Drought Information
  • Office Hours
  • Local Community Event
  • Local Hospitals
  • Local Pools
  • Local Police Departments

Frequently asked questions

  • Contacting the Department
  • Area of Police Service
  • How to report a crime
  • Employment with the Department
  • Station Tours

Photo of CruiserorVirtual Station Tour

  • Take a virtual tour within the East Cocalico Township Police Department.

Police Chaplain Service

  • Learn about the mission of the police chaplain

Bulletin Board

  • A place to post statements of public interest or concern. All entries will be viewable to the public.
  • NOTE: this should not be used as a method to report a crime.

Directions directions to our station from:

  • Reading
  • Lancaster
  • Philadelphia

Roll Call

  • A listing of all current members of the department

Our Mission Statement

  • a copy of our mission statement


  • Your chance to comment or to make positive suggestions about the website. All comments will be read and we will try to address them when the site is updated.

This website was created and is maintained by police officers of East Cocalico Township and is provided as a community service. We welcome comments from the public so that we may better serve you and the community. To the best of our knowledge all gifs,jpgs,mpegs and information displayed in any of the web pages of this site or linked with this website are in the public domain and do not violate any copyrights, any items that are under copyright will be removed immediately upon proper notification of the fact. This website does use several different sources & services including "Go" network,sitetracker,alxbook and others. We are not part of any of these services nor do we obtain any funding from them. The links to these sites are present within our webpage as a condition of using the services provided. As of June 2000 we have added the World Wide Web address to make it easier to find the site. We would like to that thank the township supervisors and the chief of police for their support which has made this addition possible.

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